Richland Center, WI

I think it's my destiny to play Krouskop Park someday...it just looks to me like the sweetest little course. How about that basket sittin in jail?
Evilmousse posted this wooden gem on Flickr.


Arcata, CA

Classic tonepole at the Redwood Curtain in HSU. Thanks to Rizbee.


Madison, WI

Fished these off of Flickr. Sneaka build this target but I can't seem to locate any photos of the finished product.....cool base!



Somewhere in Cyberspace

Wild man! I love this graffic! Anywho here's your big opportunity to bring the sport indoors. I got all cynical bout this idea at first but then I thought maybe the little spirits might enjoy this scaled down version. Maybe I'll break down and do a product test.

These crazy little baskets go for $21.95 a piece at:


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