Nashua, NH

This 9-hole course is located at Greeley Park in Nashua....just off of Manchester Street. The baskets are all homemade. The course is cute and ideal for practice. Those looking for full on session may be disappointed.
Dubro and I found this course on nefa.com. It isn't listed in the PDGA Course Directory.
I can't find any press releases or documentation but I heard the park was created by an eagle scout candidate. I'll keep looking and if you happen to know any info please post it here.

This is some simple basket design and I'm guessing each one cost somewhere between $20-$60 depending upon the procurement of materials. We threw a few discs (unfortunately not many cause the park was an icy, soupy mess) and I thought the baskets caught pretty well with only some blow throughs. Kudos to whomever built and maintains this park.

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