Somewhere at the Alpaca Ranch

Screw Loose Luke took the time to send in this beaut:

I don't know if this is kosher or not, but I referenced this blog in my personal adventures in constructing a basket for the course I designed at my dad's alpaca ranch in Colorado. If I may be so bold, I would like to submit this photo for your unique and informational site. 

I have never had the fortune to play a course with a hanging basket, but after hearing about one in Denver I felt I should an attempt for my little hidden course at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Thanks for the great posts you've provided, they were truly inspiring. 

I bet that course rocks!!! Thanks for your contribution!!!



Somewhere at Squirly

Found this great video for making a PVC basket. I love the design and also the color.  One could probably see this target well into the evening!

Check it out yo!




Somewhere near sweet Fall

Stumbled across Mark W's homemade, DIY basket. No frills really but I admire the re-purposing of any and every part you can find!

My own little disc golf basket, built on a budget. The post and AC fan guards were scrap metal. The rest of the basket was 1/4 round bar steel, some electrical conduit, s-hooks and 4/0 chain. It needs some improvements, there's some play in the top and backed, and 2/0 chain would be nicer than the 4/0, but having a working - near PDGA standard basket in the back yard is pretty nice



Ripley, MS

Richard Flake is building a dream at the DeerTrail DGC! This course is in development, but it looks SLAMMIN' and I'm loving those targets. I sure hope I get to Mississippi again someday because I want to play it!!

Richard says:
This is my course and I give it an average rating so as not to be biased, but this course is not complete and still raw but with lots of potential. I have done most of the work myself and have took a break from the heat and will continue to improve aspects of this course as I can. There is tight but fair fairways and some holes still not where they need to be, Longest hole is 330 feet uphill that plays a par four and two other holes that play over 300. The toughest hole just may be the shortest #4 uphill that curves right. This is my private course and it is the only course in the Ripley area so if in the area contact me and I will give you the tour and welcome suggestions. Ricco2623@yahoo.com



Fayette, MO

The 9-Hole at DC Rogers Lake sounds like a longer type homemade course with most holes playing 350+ft. although the course design does sound a bit confusing.

Looks like a well-built target though!



Thousand Oaks, CA

 I just think the Conejo Valley YMCA course is cute....terribly dangerous, but cute!

I'm guessing this trully is a 9-hole set up for the kids but of course an avid disc golfer seeking to bag another will go anywhere and try anything.

Dangerboy says:
The course is in disrepair. The baskets have plastic chains, and most of them are broken or missing. Cacti are near most of the holes and will easily poke through your pants. You play around and over a baseball field, playground and basketball court.

Meat Truck Reports:
Parked near the bottom by a little soccer field and a short walk to the first tee. Which was short but not a bad hole for what it is. Continued on until hole 3 where the cactus starts playing a major role bringing a hazard into play. And once you get to hole 9 you get this 1 1/2 foot tall basket which i squated down and sunk my putt was quite hilarious.

and Danger notes:
I couldn't stand reading all the hype about how bad this place was so I went to check it out. We WERE able to play and find all 9 holes, so that was nice.....All of the baskets had 'something' wrong with them, with most looking like they came out of a Dr. Seuss book. A couple had very narrow openings between the top and the basket, basket 9 has to be seen to believe, 6 was lying on its side next to the building (we propped it up), and most allow for the disc to fall through the basket if you are not careful. Most also don't have the hanging plastic chains actually attached to anything at the bottom. 

While all of the other reviews are correct, we managed to find all 9 holes and play them, all were 'there' in one way or another. They were so easy though, that this fabled cactus everybody talks about was really simple to avoid. In fact some even helped me at one point. Either way, it is only present on two holes (2 and 3). 



Chadron, NE

Wish I had a better pic of this basket at Chadron State Park. If I'm ever tripping through Nebraska again I might be tempted to stop at this untypical oasis.

DGTourist reports:
The setting is a rare place for the Nebraska Panhandle, its in fact very beautiful and full of trees. Its as if an oasis sprang from the prairie plains in which spring time lasts a few months longer. Chadron State Park is worth a stop on its own. The park was the perfect afternoon relief, and was about ten degrees cooler in the park than in the nearby town of Chadron.



Riverton, WY

The baskets at the Central Wyoming DGC look near professional to me! They must have a weldong department and some passionate plastic huckers. From the review I understand that several baskets are missing due to campus construction. What campus isn't under construction?

Just had to note this epic run straight through the wooden wave. This "wood" be a killer ace run!! Alright that was just uncalled for, I apologize.



Smithville, MO

This 9-hole course sounds difficult to get to, and possibly not worth the effort....but a course is a course! The good news is that when you find Camp Branch you will most likely be the only one there.

Lefty2 suggests....Want to make it 18 holes? Play #1 to #9 then do in reverse (as long as no one is behind you!)




Federal Way, WA

This 9-hole that laps around a church is called Brooklake. It just opened this year and from the sounds of it, is still in development. Lots of overgrowth to clear out.

Sounds like a sweet place to practice though.

If you are crusin' through town give Steve a hand!!



Glasgow, KY

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....American Legion Park is a 9-hole, that isn't always this bleak looking I imagine.



Somewhere in the Sweet Northwest

puaahunter posted great directions for this former compressed air tank design that chimes in at a sharp E when tagged by a disc. I love this idea and assume you could probably make 'em even with old fire extinguishers. YESH!!



Leicester, MA

This pile of homemade targets was captured by Cubby 4 years back outside of The Marshall Street Disc Warehouse at Pyramids. Wonder what became of them?

If you haven't been to Pyramids/Maple Hill or as I like to call it, Mecca, take yourself to Central Massachusetts for a pilgrimage why dontcha?

Marshall Street will be your candy store though so bring your wallet!! Never got out of there without buying at least two discs.


Somewhere on a Private Course

Tim E. has a private course called "Green Acres".  ...and I say that's a fine use for an old stump! I wonder if it catches well?




Somewhere in a Back Yard

butmos posted this simple, cheap target at http://www.ebaumsworld.com/pictures/view/80789367/
Ahhhhh, simple cheap targets. We could course every easement in the promised land with our scrap!

a disc golf hole my buddy and i built one afternoon from some scrap wood, a trash can lid, some chain, a few zip ties, some gutter scrap from a neighbor's house, and an old wire fence ring we found in my buddy's back yard


Anderson, SC

Dave Anderson has a great blog dedicated to his local course, "The Trails" and this black beaut was raffled off at an ace race last year. $5 an entry!

I would have bought two tickets!!


On a side note, finally bagged my first ace last week at Hole #2, Bridge to Bridge in Santa Cruz, CA. It's a new pitch n' putt along the San Lorenzo River. Hey, I'll take it!


Athol, MA

What a difference a paint job makes!!! Those baskets at Amesbury were getting very old and I'm overjoyed to hear they've been replaced. I had no idea of their rich history and I'm so glad you took the time to re-furbish them. THANK YOU!!! Keep great homemade baskets in commission I say. 

Please keep me informed about your emerging course. I would love to catch a round when it is done. Thank you very much Nate Spear!

This basket came to me by way of Flat Rock DGC in Athol MA and was donated to Sean Franchi by the Amesbury Pines course that he established in Amesbury MA.  
From what I know, they were made at Lawrence Technical High School in Lawrence MA by metal fabricating students.  As I am trying to start a course here in Framingham, Sean donated this basket to the cause as he has replaced all of his older baskets with I believe Chain Stars. It's brethren can still be found in Amesbury and are still in use some 20 years after they first were planted in the earth.  Hope you project is going well, I'd love to see some of the pictures you've gotten, I'll check out the link on the forum!  All the Best.

Nate Spear


Osterville, MA

I love this basket from a re-use/environmental perspective as well as its potential as a fantastic, disc-cathcing target. So many old hot water heaters out there.....and other neglected treasure too. Sometimes when I'm on a road trip (and I'm a passenger) I watch the side of the road to see how long it takes to find enough "trash" to build a viable basket. Saw a real beaut in a 3 quarter mile stretch of "The Pike" through Springfield. 

I also dream of killer courses.....summer fun! Thank you Greenleaf for this awesome contribution. 

Saw your post on NEFA. Very cool collection you have on your site. I constructed this basket out of an old small water heater. I just cut it and put some old hose on the sharp edges to protect the discs and hands. The top of the heather already had a hole directly in the middle so I just used a bracket to brace the lid of the water heater on it, fixed to a piece of fence pole. I had to brace the bottom of the base and top of the base. Whole project cost me about $40 which was just the cost of the chain. Everything else was just layin around :-)
Cheers from Osterville, MA



Grand Rapids, MI

sgamerp is building a mini-course. Other than the chains (right!) he pretty much scrounged up this under-sized variety.

So, I have made a basket(it's defiantly not regulation) But I had a PVC Pipe and my girlfriends uncle works in Heating and Cooling so he has these big Baskets to cover the fans. Buying some Chains and some S hooks was a little under 25 bucks, and my roommate may throw in for some more. I will be able to have about 2 to 3 good holes with the one basket.


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