Somewhere at the Alpaca Ranch

Screw Loose Luke took the time to send in this beaut:

I don't know if this is kosher or not, but I referenced this blog in my personal adventures in constructing a basket for the course I designed at my dad's alpaca ranch in Colorado. If I may be so bold, I would like to submit this photo for your unique and informational site. 

I have never had the fortune to play a course with a hanging basket, but after hearing about one in Denver I felt I should an attempt for my little hidden course at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Thanks for the great posts you've provided, they were truly inspiring. 

I bet that course rocks!!! Thanks for your contribution!!!

That's gotta be one of the coolest ideas I've ever seen! Inspiration is an understatement!
these are very creative and good alternatives too. you can also get some portable dg baskets from www.portablediscgolfbasket.com
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