Osterville, MA

I love this basket from a re-use/environmental perspective as well as its potential as a fantastic, disc-cathcing target. So many old hot water heaters out there.....and other neglected treasure too. Sometimes when I'm on a road trip (and I'm a passenger) I watch the side of the road to see how long it takes to find enough "trash" to build a viable basket. Saw a real beaut in a 3 quarter mile stretch of "The Pike" through Springfield. 

I also dream of killer courses.....summer fun! Thank you Greenleaf for this awesome contribution. 

Saw your post on NEFA. Very cool collection you have on your site. I constructed this basket out of an old small water heater. I just cut it and put some old hose on the sharp edges to protect the discs and hands. The top of the heather already had a hole directly in the middle so I just used a bracket to brace the lid of the water heater on it, fixed to a piece of fence pole. I had to brace the bottom of the base and top of the base. Whole project cost me about $40 which was just the cost of the chain. Everything else was just layin around :-)
Cheers from Osterville, MA

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