Athol, MA

What a difference a paint job makes!!! Those baskets at Amesbury were getting very old and I'm overjoyed to hear they've been replaced. I had no idea of their rich history and I'm so glad you took the time to re-furbish them. THANK YOU!!! Keep great homemade baskets in commission I say. 

Please keep me informed about your emerging course. I would love to catch a round when it is done. Thank you very much Nate Spear!

This basket came to me by way of Flat Rock DGC in Athol MA and was donated to Sean Franchi by the Amesbury Pines course that he established in Amesbury MA.  
From what I know, they were made at Lawrence Technical High School in Lawrence MA by metal fabricating students.  As I am trying to start a course here in Framingham, Sean donated this basket to the cause as he has replaced all of his older baskets with I believe Chain Stars. It's brethren can still be found in Amesbury and are still in use some 20 years after they first were planted in the earth.  Hope you project is going well, I'd love to see some of the pictures you've gotten, I'll check out the link on the forum!  All the Best.

Nate Spear

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