Thousand Oaks, CA

 I just think the Conejo Valley YMCA course is cute....terribly dangerous, but cute!

I'm guessing this trully is a 9-hole set up for the kids but of course an avid disc golfer seeking to bag another will go anywhere and try anything.

Dangerboy says:
The course is in disrepair. The baskets have plastic chains, and most of them are broken or missing. Cacti are near most of the holes and will easily poke through your pants. You play around and over a baseball field, playground and basketball court.

Meat Truck Reports:
Parked near the bottom by a little soccer field and a short walk to the first tee. Which was short but not a bad hole for what it is. Continued on until hole 3 where the cactus starts playing a major role bringing a hazard into play. And once you get to hole 9 you get this 1 1/2 foot tall basket which i squated down and sunk my putt was quite hilarious.

and Danger notes:
I couldn't stand reading all the hype about how bad this place was so I went to check it out. We WERE able to play and find all 9 holes, so that was nice.....All of the baskets had 'something' wrong with them, with most looking like they came out of a Dr. Seuss book. A couple had very narrow openings between the top and the basket, basket 9 has to be seen to believe, 6 was lying on its side next to the building (we propped it up), and most allow for the disc to fall through the basket if you are not careful. Most also don't have the hanging plastic chains actually attached to anything at the bottom. 

While all of the other reviews are correct, we managed to find all 9 holes and play them, all were 'there' in one way or another. They were so easy though, that this fabled cactus everybody talks about was really simple to avoid. In fact some even helped me at one point. Either way, it is only present on two holes (2 and 3). 


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