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Found this great video for making a PVC basket. I love the design and also the color.  One could probably see this target well into the evening!

Check it out yo!


I don't know if this is kosher or not, but I referenced this blog in my personal adventures in constructing a basket for the course I designed at my dad's alpaca ranch in Colorado. If I may be so bold, I would like to submit this photo for your unique and informational site.


I have never had the fortune to play a course with a hanging basket, but after hearing about one in Denver I felt I should an attempt for my little hidden course at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Thanks for the great posts you've provided, they were truly inspiring.
I would love to post your basket but the link you sent didn't seem to open. Can you send it again?

Glad you found the blog useful and reference it at-will!!! Thanks for visiting and submitting

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