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And anyone in the know who has been searching for info on homemade baskets certainly has seen this one before. The Flying Disc Hunter offers you the plans for this perennially listed ebay item for anywhere between $9-$19.99.

With these plans you can supposedly build a basket for less than $60. “In fact, the plans include a comprehensive shopping list complete with exact item numbers, pictures, and prices from…,” ….two mega-chain hardware stores that need no more free advertising from this site.

If you seek the rest of the sales pitch visit:


From what I gather, the designer of this basket used to sell another homeade basket over the internet. It retailed around $100. I read a performance review for this model which offered some critique:

"The cut sheet metal for the basket top and bottom are decorative and work fairly well, but using cut sheet metal for the foot was a pretty bad idea. It's just too flimsy and bends too easily with the result that unless they're on perfectly even ground the baskets tend to to become overbalanced as the main post sags a bit and then the foot isn't sturdy enough and they tip over kind of like an old man collapsing."

"I noticed that because of the double links the basket tended to reject hits near the top of the chains, while the light weight of the chains caused angled putts that hit the middle to go through too often, and the short length of the chains makes them hang too straight, reducing target area and causing hard puts to bounce out of the basket without ever even hitting chain."

Read the full review:

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