Barrett, MN

These baskets are featured at the Sumac Hills Disc Golf Course located on the Ray farm in Barrett, MN. If you follow the link (and I think you should) you can't help but feel the sense of community built around this special place. This course is homemade and homestyle:

The Sumac Hills course was started in the woods at the Tim & Kathy Ray farm with a few simple buckets and hubcaps hanging from trees for targets. It is evolving every year and now has SEVERAL CHAIN TARGETS, creamery can targets, signs and 18 holes.

The event of the year in Barrett is "Discstock". They do it up right with bands, food and fire.

It touched my heart to learn that the fellow who built this course, Jason Ray, died in a kayaking accident on the Snake River this past year. His family continues to maintain and operate the course with the same love and passion he put into it. The course now serves as a memorial of his spirit.

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