Beatrice, NE

Craig built this model with some help from the kin folk.

"We began construction at my grandfathers farm. There, he had plenty metal to work with to make the basket, top, and center pole. Previously my father and I went down to our course in Beatrice and recorded all the measurements. Height, radius, circumphrence, lenght of chains, ect. All played a vital role in making our hole identical to regular holes. Needless to say I was thankful for my geometry class."

"After we seperated an old tire from its hub cap we had the perfect base at no cost. In fact, the only thing we had to pay for were the chains. And these, I’m sorry to say, were no cheap item. We used only 12 chains total instead of the usual 18 and price still ran about 40 dollars total."

Craig and I have been in email contact. He tells me the basket hasn't been used much lately and he wouldn't mind selling it so if you need a basket and want a great deal follow the link below and get in touch with him.


-also from Beatrice-

Presenting the, "Cone Head"

Chiz sent this one in from his personal collection.

"Not home made, but a very interesting basket. This is from the first course installed in Nebraska at Elmwood Park, Omaha, in the 1970s. Financial backing was by JC Penny's. The fiberglass "cone head" baskets did not survive the winters very well."

"Demonstrating where the disc needs to strike is Nebraska's Mr. Bill. He has been instrumental with distributing discs and directing tournaments in Omaha for at least the last 10 years. The picture was taken at a fundraiser for Chautauqua Park in Beatrice, October of 1998. Today the course is boasted as one of the nicest 18 hole courses in the state, including the first with three cement tee pads per hole."

There is no doubt in my mind that this far out, groovy basket is from the 70's. I wonder if anyone stashed anything inside it? It might even be a disc golf time capsule!

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