Bonny Doon, CA

I built meself a basket! I used “The Octopus” as my guide but as you can see, it turned out significantly different. I also tried to build a PVC base but it was too wobbly.

The basket breaks down fairly easily but should be able to travel intact in the backseat. It’s pretty heavy….I’m guessing 40 pounds or so. It can be hung or supported. It looks like a strange bird feeder.

The chain I bought surplus. It’s not galvanized and will most likely rust but I got a fabulous deal (150 ft. for $30 @ Building 19, Norwood, MA). I believe it’s some sort of indoor chain used to hang ceiling lamps. I’ll change it for the good stuff when I have to.

There is indeed a lot of hardware on this baby. I had to improvise. My store didn’t have a flange for PVC or for 1 inch piping. This is my response. It was fun going up and down the plumbing aisle thinking of options. If I replicate this model I will try something different.

It’s difficult to estimate the cost of this project. I’ve been accumulating supplies for well over a month. In that time I’ve invested somewhere between $100-$200. I believe I have enough supplies left over to build 3 or 4 baskets….so you do the sketchy math.

I’m so stoked to have a basket and after making one I can’t ever imagine buying one. Any questions about my process….just ask!

is it hanging from the tree?

what did you use to cut the tire, can a boxcutter do it?

by the way, nice job!
It is hanging from a tree. I used my leatherman to cut the tire....boxcutters should work too. It was a little tough but I cut slowly.


I have enough left over chain at my parents house if you want to build a similar model. Let me know.
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