Bonny Doon, CA

I was back at it again this weekend. I call this one, “The Roadie”

My motivation was to build a lightweight, compact basket that could be broken down quickly and would fit into my trunk…one I can take to the soccer field or beach to practice with. My original concept was to make one that would hang inside the trunk of my car but upon second thought I realized that was a really stupid idea. With my shitty aim I would take out a window in no time at all.

I intentionally wanted this basket to be undersized and small for the same reasons as Robbie in Austin. I also wanted to have success with the PVC “Octopus” frame idea suggested by Matt in Huntsville. After building an Octopus-inspired basket I knew the PVC had a difficult time supporting a tire. Instead I used a plastic washtub basin.

The whole thing must be about 10 pounds (I haven’t weighed it.) It breaks down and sets up in about 20 seconds, fits perfectly in my trunk and cost me less than $25 to build. It catches reasonably well which is fine for a practice basket and I certainly dig having instant access to one.

Yeah….it won’t win any awards for beauty….it’s actually pretty butt ugly, but it’s functional and serves my objectives well. If you need any more info drop me a line.

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