Huntsville, AL

Here are a series of homemade baskets created by Matt in Alabama. Matt built the Firefly Disc Golf Course at Ft. Leavenworth. He is a member of the Rocket City Chain Gang and an avid disc golf enthusiast.

"Not everyone can afford $300+ for a practice target. So, for those thumb fingered garage inventors like myself, I'm making a home on the web for those home-made disc golf baskets that I know are out there....My PULT (Portable Ugly Lightweight Target) is designed to be carried along for safari golf. It is made of a cheap red and blue umbrella, 1" PVC pipe, yellow plastic chain and a plastic plant pot holder among other things. It doesn't catch very well (about 60% of good putts) because of the plastic chains but it beats imagining a basket or shooting at trees."

This is another design concept for hanging baskets.

"I recently created three new homemade baskets using old tires and rubber strapping or rope. They all seem to catch fairly well except when your disc is wet...My inspiration for this type of basket which I have affectionately named the Octopus, was the article in DGWN which talked about swinging baskets on private courses a couple of issues back. My total production cost on each of these was less than $25.00 which makes it a fairly cheap, effective target. I have made them so they could be pole mounted as well but so far I have only used them in the hanging mode."

For step by step instructions for building these baskets, and news about disc golf life in Kansas and Alabama visit Matt's site: http://www.west-point.org/users/usma1987/43899/index.html

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