Salina, KS

I really enjoy learning the stories behind the baskets. This one was devised by college students looking to make their campus better:

It started as an idea for a campus improvement project in a 2002 leadership class. Students in the class were put into groups and challenged to develop a project that could improve life on campus and benefit the entire student body.

Once we got the baskets designed, most of our spare time each day was spent in the shop….Using computer aided design software, the group designed the baskets. Working from those plans, the group then got to work cutting, bending and rolling the steel for the first basket. We had the assistance of several mechanical engineering technology students who were not part of our design group for the final assembly…one of the most challenging aspects was maintaining the projected fabrication date. From start to finish, the group spent more than 300 hours on the project.

Laser cutting and metal inert gas welding techniques were used, as well as a sheet roller purchased specifically for the project. Students used a laser to cut Powercat emblems to adorn the tops of the baskets.


It seems like this and the college kids from weed used the mach designs to build these holes. Although the weed kids definetely look more like the mach's than these do.
Or maybe I just like saying 'weed kids'.
"The kids from weed". hahahah
I remember driving through it with Liz. I made her stop and take pictures of the welcome to sign.
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