Santa Cruz, CA

My good buddy KB (The Platinumsmith) built this one over the holiday break. We had been scheming up the design for a while. The inspiration spurned from a pile of old bicycle rims at a neighborhood bike shop. I knew the rims could be used for basket making so I consulted the expert.

He cut and soldered two rims in the shape of a bowl. The netting is old fish net. The aluminum is light and shouldn’t rust.

KB was worried that without an inner layer of chain the basket might not catch…he invested in the good stuff which he found for 79 cents a foot at Lowe’s. He hates to support mega-chains but the price was right and the basket catches like a dream!

Ever the perfectionist, KB isn’t happy with the slight tilt of the apparatus but this a first generation. He plans to build one or two more. This is a very practical practice basket that will be primarily used for putting in his yard. It breaks down easily and transports well.

The total cost was $71, his time and a six pack of brew.

KB is a master jewelry maker. He made my lady the dopest claddagh ring you've ever seen. Check out his website:


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