Batavia, Ohio

This is an interesting one. At first glance I thought it homemade....but apparently this "DiscToss" target retails from a catalog /internet site for $179. Yikes...certainly doesn't look worth it! Listen to the pitch.

You’ll bring out all the generations at your next gathering with DiscToss, a fun new game for kids and adults alike. The rugged steel target is designed for quick assembly without tools—the components simply slide into position and secure with the built-in pushbutton locks.


I found this target on ebay for $89. Bought it for a friend and his 5 kids. It actually grabs discs better than the Lightning DB5, which consistently kicks putters out to the left and right (the chains are too heavy on the DB5).
I love the push button lock idea and it sounds like you scored it at a steal! Way to go.
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