Mechanicsville, Iowa

Found this one on a French Lion's Club website....google translated it (I love literal translation):

The Lions build a course of frisbee golf for teenagersMembers of the Lions club of Mechanicsville in Iowa noticed children playing with frisbees in a local park. The local club of the Lions proposed to these young people the creation of a course of frisbee golf. These high-school pupils showed themselves very enthusiastic and obtained an estimate for this project. However, one among them, Matt Moravek, indicated to the club that it thought that this estimate was too high and offered to build the course itself within the framework of one of its classes. The club of the Lions of Mechanicsville collaborated with Moravek to buy the material necessary. The town of Mechanicsville made gift of cement to allow the construction of the installations and transported the assembled elements to the park. The project cost less than 1000 $. the club of the lions gave has Moravek the medal of gold "Young Leaders in Service" (services rendered by young leaders) to reward it for its work. Thanks to its efforts, and to the financial assistance of the club of the Lions, the teenagers of this community can now play frisbee golf.


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