Hey all. I never bothered to welcome you and that’s not right so welcome! I hope from time to time to post some notes from the blogmaster and so this is what these are.

First off I want to thank all the contributors who have helped make this site what it is so far. I encourage you to keep sending me those jpegs of your baskets and especially those stories of how they were built. I am in love with your stories. From each basket there is a tale to be told and to me, this is the exciting part of the journey that I hardly even expected.

So I started this whole thing because I was interested in building myself a basket but I didn’t quite no where to start. As you may be able to tell I am not the sort of spirit who shells out $350 without a fight. I googled a whole bunch of terms about disc golf and homemade baskets and I found quite a few interesting sites dedicated to the pursuit….but I couldn’t find a centralized place where different styles of homemade baskets are catalogued. Hopefully this blog will satisfy the need (that is if you can consider this a need.)

I’m going to keep rounding the globe looking for baskets until I can find no more. Send ‘em in and I’ll put them up. If you don’t send them I may find them anyway…..so just enjoy!

Keep tossin’,


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