Huntington, WV

This one's from Scott:
I found the Texas plans on the net (http://www.centxdglove.com/) a while back and it inspired my design. (Along with a few other designs i found on the net) The beauty of this basket was the cost....$0.00....

I had a 4X4 pole in my backyard that an old neighbor had used to display one of his art pieces. I whittled the middle down to about 2 inches. I found an old tire across the street and carefully cut the sidewall out. The chains were scrap from my girlfriends work. The rest was old lumber and piping laying around the house.

I plan on later modifiying it into a portable PVC basket and adding more chains; it only has 12 right now. I'll send more pics if I ever get it done. This basket has greatly improved my putting from 20-30 feet, but my yard isn't large enough for much more. It's not worthy of your site but I'm still proud of my baby. (My "course" is Scott's Putt and Puff- 9 holes 250 ft)

Dude....this is way worthy of this site! This is what this site is all about. I'm especially stoked this cost nothing to build. I haven't yet heard of anyone building a basket for free so this is certainly an accomplishment. Thanks for the submission. Happy Putting!

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