I've spent a lot of time this month focusing on targets...so I guess the title of the site doesn't seem to fit. That's okay though. Targets, baskets....whatever it takes to enjoy the flying moments of life. Precious moments that I savor.

My recent change in focus has much to do with my desire to build a guerilla course in my neck of the woods. I'm researching the cheap ideas that will work on the land I borrow. I'm also looking to establish courses elsewhere that risk being torn down.

My other big reason for targets is that I haven't put much effort during the past two weeks toward finding baskets on the internet. I've caught a lot that's out there and I know there is more put my time seems to be at a premium these days....such as life. Send me those jpegs so I don't have to do the dirty work.

I think I need to retire so I can put more energy into becoming the disc golfer I want to be.

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