Bonny Doon, CA

Welcome to Brown Town! It's my backyard mini-course. So far I have four holes set up but there is plenty room for more. I've decided to install temporary targets I can build on the cheap and here are a few.

The course is fairly technical considering the number of trees in the way but each hole plays pretty short. I've considered calling each hole par-2 cause anyone with mad skillz should accomplish this. Because of all the hazards though...I don't know.

Take the first hole for example:
This target sits in the center of a redwood grove. I call it the cathdral hole. It's well guarded and to get here you have to dog-leg to the right from the top of a ridge. I think it's about 250ft from tee to target.

Yes...this target is a cymbal suspended by the gallow's pole. I can't do justice with my photography however cuz this target sits on an old growth redwood stump on the edge of a cliff. A total gut check shot! If you blow this target you are crawling at least 50ft down into a ravine. Tripple boogey for you mofo!.....are you feeling lucky? tee to target....250ft. Hole name: Stump!

This hole is called end of the road....bout 300ft....and you guessed it, it sits at the end of a trail. Good use of a supersized funnel I must say.

I'll see what I can do about documenting the course a little better.....especially as it expands. To be honest I don't play it nearly enough. I'm kind of scared of the little monster. The course descends into a deep ravine and it's a little spooky. Supposedly a mountain lion lives somewhere at the bottom of the ravine. If you don't see anymore posts from me assume the worst!

Oh yeah....all these targets combined cost about $5.

thats masochistic man with the redwood stump and the ravine!
i really like the dildo under the tripod. looks like some wacko botany experiment
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