Cranbury, NJ

After my last post I received a prompt reply by the designer:

That 2-liter bottle target was one of my best and cheapest traget ideas. I posted it on the PDGA message board back in 1998.

My most recent target under construction can be seen at my Blog.

......I couldn't resist!

This is a far out basket and should work magic at his friend's private course (Bunker Hill Disc Golf Course.) I urge you to check out Cubby's blog. This guy has over 160 career aces!!?!!?!!! His site chronicles many of them with photos of the hole, the path and the disc. He has also youtubed many links. Check it out!!!

Dude what is your secret?

Thanks for the coverage in your blog. What is my secret? The real secret is passion. You have to be passionate about what you do. I am so into Disc Golf that it is constantly on my mind. You have to play whenever you can as often as you can in all kinds of conditions many times by yourself. Plus you have to be blessed with the knack for finding your way to the chains. My recommendation for those that play or play better, focus on the process not the resuts and the greatest challenge is always the next shot. My motto: Play more Disc Golf!

Warm regards, Cubby
I've got a basket I made. Here's a link to the tutorial I put together ... tried to find an email to send you some jpegs, but no luck.

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