Spa Park Taupo, New Zealand

"Ace Cutler - Congratulations to UK golfer Matt Cutler for an incredible hard-struck ace on the 13th, taking away over $70 prize money from the Ace Pool. We heard him lamenting that he didn't have his old bent favourite for this hole, so he'd have to throw his relatively new [wot disc woz dat Matt?]. At the tee he made his usual run up, firing a bullet-like shank for the ol' S-bend throw. It looked good from the outset - Baz, who was spotting for any unlucky pinball tree hits into bracken, was not sighted for the basket. So when they heard a kaching - all players were running! The optimistic solidity of the 'kaching' was spot on - we had the second ace in as many Tour Events! Just as well we got this shot of the special disc just after the Ace - Matt lost it on the very next drive!"

....what?!?......anyway I think they are having wicked awesome tourneys down under with wicked awesome homemade baskets...I think....what?!?

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