Somewhere in "Post-Katrina" Country

Earl C. has produced some very low cost targets which he seems to use to share the sort with the youngins. Has also worked out some curriculum plans for those of you who are interested.


I'm confused, how is this a basket/target?
I would think it's a target because it's something you could fire a disc into.
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Well, I understand that much, but how does it catch the disc, or let you know know you hit the target in case of an ace? those are very small, un like tonepoles and all
I guess it wouldn't catch at all and would just make a thud-like sound upon contact.

I agree Sheto, using a target of this nature would be quite unsatisfying. I chose to showcase it because I found it a clever use of materials that you could find maybe even for free.

I'm certainly stretching the definition with this one though!

Thanks for the scrutiny.
I recently got back into disc golf. Now that I own some acreage I was interested in putting in 18 holes out the back door. I thought the boat bumpers and foam noodles are a fairly decent option. I looked for plans for a 'tone pole'. But having only seen one or two in photos I had no idea how tall, diameter, etc. I bought 2 discatchers but at that price it would take me several years to put in 18 holes...so I came up with a couple of boat bumpers haning from trees for a couple of holes. They actually work quite well. You can easily tell if you hit the bumper because it will make a sound. I used the bumpers for 3 out of 9 holes. For the other 6 holes I drove in a T-post and wrapped the top section in 4 foam noodles, with tape. If you let me know an email address, I can shoot you some pictures. I'm now very happy with my front 9 and am looking at putting in the back 9 soon. It's really nice to be able to walk out of the house and be playing DG at a moments notice.
PS. I'll add that thanks to your website for giving me the idea to use the boat bumpers and foam noodles!
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