Jacksonville, FL

Holland M. sent in this BBQlicious target. Thank you very much for this creative design....just don't go firing it up before your practice session!

He writes:
"I was thinking about cutting up a 50 gallon barrel to make a basket. Then I saw my neglected webber grill in my back yard. I went straight to Loews and made my very own basket within an hour. Adding the rope around the outer chains, really made them grab the discs. I can even remove the center pole and put the lid back on. Then it looks like a normal webber grill. It's portable too."

keep those entries coming in folks!! Let's grow this page.

I like the BBQ basket!

Do you have an email address to send you some photos of my first homemade course?
Not bad, I made one from scratch myself how can I add a pic?
Send all entries to ecerob@hotmail.com... I'll post your great targets!
This BBQ target is incredible. I also like the tire one several posts back. Nice pics.
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