Lancaster, PA

Another homemade mini basket. Poached this from the MDGF website. This one is called the "Mushroom Basket" and was created by Linc Morgan. It has a story....

"The Mushroom basket is a Silver Maple Linc had Merrill Detweiller (our mentor) cut down when Linc bought the property in 1999. Merrill, a mini player for almost 20 years, helped carve a mini golf target from the 4ft.tall stump. When it was finished the basket resembled a huge mushroom, giving the course its' name, now the course is filled with mushroom knickknacks. Our monthly mini events always start at 6pm and during standard time we play in the dark. No problem, we play with our glow minis and small black lights to illuminate our discs. To enhance the fun at night the baskets at Mushroom Manor have low voltage lights mounted to the top of the baskets. Guess what? They look like mushrooms."


I played a modified mini-course yesterday at Dela. I guess it's becoming a 4th of July tradition to set up an 18 hole course. After some practice I got some good throws in. Takes a while to figure out the technique. It was a nice change of pace.

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