Somewhere in the Junkyard

Jay, aka "Machineman" sent me this homemade target he's been working on:

I wanted to get some feed back on my mega cheep baskets. I call it the "Junk Yard Basket".
First my background is as a machinist. That is what I do and I have my own shop. I have allot of cool tools, and I enjoy making my oyn stuff. When I got into disc I wanted a basket to practice with but I didnt want to buy one.
This is what I managed to come up with. This basket is very easy to make and quite cost effective. This one took me about an hour to put together. I built this quickly rather than beautifully you could make it look better with paint and such but I was going for speed.

I have been using this for a few weeks and it works well. I have never had a blow through. However I have had a few rejections where I hit it square near the top and the disk caught just right on the cross chain and got tossed back out.

I am hoping to start a revolution and get people away from the trees posts and sticks and into the chains.

Great work Jay! Send updates when you build your course!!


Just spotted these. Check out the basket made of retired climbing gear.
thanks for the tip...I featured these baskets before but I'm too lazy to go through my archive to say when. I love the idea of natural, homemade baskets fashioned from mother nature's bounty....or those made of reclaimed materials. It would be fun to stage a contest to see who can make the cheapest/ most effective target.
I made a great homemade basket but am having problems getting the pic to you if you would like to see it shoot me an email

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