Seabrook, TX

Cmurph sent this cool design in with a wee bit of praise included. I want to thank those who have sent in their kind words and also invite you to help me document the wonderful world of homemade basketry. If you have a basket I should feature or know of a basket I should feature, send it in! I will post and the world will be a better place...or maybe people will just enjoy your basket.

Cmurph wrote:
Love the site. The many designs found here have inspired my own disc catcher. Top framework is a bike tire with spokes intact; bottom is bike tire with spokes cut and bent to fit into the lid of a bucket. Still need to add inner chains.

I'm looking to use these to replace missing baskets at my local course, which was ransacked by hurricane Ike.

Damn the ghost of Ike still haunts. Good luck with your course rehab efforts!!

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