Coeur d'Alene, ID

This is what it's all about! These folks are well on there way to building a grassroot DIY disc golf course on their 107 acres of camp land. My only suggestion is, why stop at 9? Good luck guys.

Brendan Wiechert, chair of the Strategic Planning Committee of the Camp Cross Commission, and Bob Gronberg of St. David’s constructed the prototype of the Camp Cross Disc Golf Basket. Conclusion: it is awesome. Shortly following, the Larry Hayden, owner of the Spokane House of Hose, made a generous donation to cover the most expensive parts of the baskets (chains, hose clamps, and zip ties). Long story short, we are nearly there for the rest of the funding to complete a DiY 9 hole disc golf course. Once we get the parts, campers can put them all together, and bring the joy of disc golf to Camp Cross. If you’d like to help make this happen, whether with a gift (we need another $100 total) for the extra wire and poles we need, or by helping us grow our armada of disc golf discs ($7-10 each, we currently have two), email me and let me know. Let’s make this happen this summer, better start working on your short game.


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