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This is the most unique submission I've seen in quite some time. Jason M. sent this beaut sweetly dubbed 'The Towel Rack' to me a couple of weeks ago (I apologize for the lag time.) If you send them, I will post them though! So send them!!

This is a cool use of spare parts and just goes to prove that you can probably build a suitable target right now for no money down! Awesomeness!!

I want to start by thanking you for dedicating a site to showcasing the many unique and creative baskets folks have come up with. Just this evening I created my own contraption which I affectionately have nicknamed the Towel Rack. While it may be unconventional, it does catch pretty well from at least 15 feet and the chain configuration makes that awesome "ching" sound that's so addictive. It's quite sturdy and was thrown together with stuff I had lying around the house - PVC piping, some galvanized chain, an old bath towel and some zip ties. If you like it, feel free to post it on your site.

Thanks and happy golfing!

Jason M.

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