Somewhere in the Recycling Can

seamster has created a hybrid target sport to be played indoors....read on;

Disc golf is a great sport--it's healthy, fun, low impact, and fairly inexpensive to get into. The only problem is that sometimes you just can't get out to play. ...There's no course nearby, there's two feet of snow on the ground, you lost all your discs... whatever.

Well, now there's no excuse! Play indoors by making your own disc catcher (or in this case, a "capcatcher") from a 20-ounce sports drink bottle, and use old bottle caps as the flying discs.

In my opinion, this is just farking awesome!!! Thank you for sharing this sport with the world and keep coming up with new ways for us to enjoy the flying spinning things of life!

seamster's innovative, step-by-step designs can all be found at:

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