Fontana, WI

Holy Polyvinylchloride!!! Oh yeah baby, I was envisioning something like this when I first contemplated the idea of building a basket. Glad to finally see it done. This 9-hole course looks truly unique. It appears, however, basket #2 is missing and #5 was recently crushed by a tree.

I can smell the PVC glue already!

excuse the weird URL, I made a basket. http://wkp.us/2009/06/06/%EF%BB%BF%EF%BB%BFdg-basket/
Thanks for all the pics and the family of inspiration.
This is a Quest AT Disc Trapper. Not homemade. Commercially available.
Oh, thanks for the info! Checked it out and saw that it retails for $90.
I can still smell the glue though
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