Maui, HI

Jack T. has done it again!!! How lucky we are to vicariously live his disclife. This time he traveled to PoliPoli in Maui. After a little research I've discovered a lot of controversy surrounding this "private/public" park (http://www.orb3d.com/maui.html) but one thing is for certain...if you needed just one more reason to visit the islands, here it is!
Can you find it?


Jack says: The people that get to play this course regularly are to be envied. The scenery is incredible, the terrain varied, the design varied and interesting, and best of all, it's isolated. And the homemade 'tire-baskets do a great job catching discs.

If you're like me and love playing disc golf courses wherever your travels take you, you'll love Poli Poli- if you can find it. It's the perfect combo of beauty, challenge, and uniqueness (ocean views, quirky baskets and surreal orange-lichen covered trees).

supercool...hanging baskets make me nostalgic now. Mine never had a temple though

Jack fires off a putt to the hanging basket...

...and he nails it! (of course!!)

My gratitude to Jack T. for sharing this amazing set. Be sure to check out his great site which chronicles many of his disc golf adventures and more:



This Saturday is the St. Francis Charity Cup at Schaeffer Park, home of more than 15 different kinds of homemade baskets. The motherlode.
El C:

wanted you to know I'm blogging from the USDGC at

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