Somewhere (in the great nation) of Texas

Wow!!! Holy Shit!!! M-Low has created a target of beauty and strength. I went fishing (for the first time in too long) and came up with this sweet creation....and I must say I'm blown away (especially after the Halex Incident) This guy did his homework, took his time, invested quality materials ($250 worth) and incorporated his favorite elements of the designer baskets. Bravo my man, you set the bar real high.

Mike says:
I went the extra yard on the design/quality because I needed something that would stand up to the harsh Texas weather but more importantly, I needed a "that looks great" response from the wife and not a "you plan to put that where?" response when I unveiled the end product (we just got done landscaping the front yard - so couldn't really have a tire basket hanging from a tree - not to say that isn't a brilliant idea for a homemade basket)...This project was done mainly during the late night, early morning hours and on weekends in my garage - I have sacrificed about a month's worth of disc golfing to make this happen...It's been a great learning experience and I am pleased with the way it turned out.

Well done bro, mission accomplished!

AWESOME! What a great design. lol @ the WAF (Wife Approval Factor) Great job
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