Maiden, NC

Now if I lived in Maiden the "welcome to" sign would most certainly be tagged 'iron'...ok, that was dorky. So is my PVC fetish! Why am I so fascinated with the plastic variety? I may need counseling. Went fishing for this beaut posted by JackAce at dgcoursereview.com, a buddy of his made it.

It's hard to see, but there are 12 steel chains and 6 plastic chains.The basket is pieces of plastic safety fence netting ziptied to the pvc.The pipe through the middle is hollow all the way through. He is going to put a 3 foot pole into the ground and just slife the basket over top so he can put it up out of the weather. He also as mutiple pvc pieces attachments to make it taller as needed.

I was wondering bout the height....looked like it was built for midgets (err, I mean little people (can that really be the PC term!?!)) Only in Iron Maiden!

Killer Plastic Variety!!

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