Sayerville, NJ

Some people are just mean! ClayBoneNJ got $56 together and in two hours built this target using his dremmel drill.

I wanted to make something portable because my back yard isnt very big. so everything slides together. The pole with the L brackets into the base, the bucket slide down the pole and sits on the brackets, i cut slits in the top of the pipe so the grill would slide in, then cap it. The chains are secured with zip ties.
Upon posting at dgcoursereview.com he received comments such as:

"This is about as cheap as it gets" -Midnightbiker

"Reminds me of an anorexic dominatrix...oh well, I would take it, I am seriously jonesing to practice in the back yard." -billnchristy

"That one looks like it would fall apart if you hit it with any speed. /And yes very redneck, makes us all look bad" -Roc1time

"well umm me thur n jimbo bilt tis hur thing with sum umm chick wire n part o the bed off unkel bobs truk." -solomon trenton

Haters be hatin'....nice try though!

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