Tustin, CA

Bazillion documents the "Iron Maiden":

This is the Iron Maiden - possibly one of the original baskets from the first permanent pole hole course in the world. It's still in the ground (photo taken 5/10/2009) but there's no hole that plays to it.

O mysterious and beautiful...a relic from a lost world. I think it's really a disc golf time machine....DON'T ACE IT NO MATTER WHAT!

Hmm...can the Nuke hit eighty-eight miles per hour??
no shit, the night I post this I have a disc golf dream (always classic!) and what do I see in the overgrowth but the Iron Maiden. Mystical shit!

I love disc golf dreams!!
Hi from Germany. You're blog is really cool. We play disc golf in Potsdam....close to Berlin in Germany. Check out our Disc Golf Tumblr if you'll like.
I would like...and thanks for the kudos! could you send me a link to the Tumblr?
Oh cool, I see, the Tumblr is your site! Thought it was a basket you built. Boy, that course sign is really special! I've never seen one with such detail. Looks like a fun park indeed.

If you come across some homebuilt euro-baskets send 'em my way

I'll will try to find some homebuilt baskets...not sure of the peopel are into that over here. However, you're site is really inspiring. I go to Sweden this summer to play disc golf again. I'll check out the baskets up there for you. =)
Hey (:. I'm making a disc golf basket and I was just wondering if anyone has played with a flat pole like shown in this picture and if it works okay? I'm just using things around the house I have, but I would much rather go buy a round pole if it works better..
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