Calgary, Alberta

I sense a disc golf renaissance in the North! At first I thought these were the targets but after exploring the website closely, I think these are just the tee box markers...hmmm.

You'll have to be the judge. The WJ Homestead Disc Golf Course hosts all kinds of found targets consisting of hoops, window frames, and other re-purposed objects. seems like a really sweet place managed by a kind, disc-loving family. I want a homestead!

Aim your disc at a little bit of Alberta’s homestead history. Every historical target on this 18 hole disc golf course offers a different challenge. Thank you to the Leighton Art Center for donating a vintage outhouse from the one room Sheep Creek schoolhouse for our hole 18 target. Play this family outdoor sport built on 23 acres of unspoiled natural terrain. The hills, valleys, woodlands, ponds and wetlands provide for a most interesting game of disc golf. We share this land with deer, moose, coyotes, ducks, geese, raptors and numerous song birds. The course is set on land homesteaded in 1896 by William Jackson and has had 5 generations live on the land.

Come, join us and enjoy a game of disc golf in the scenic foothills on this historic piece of land with the majestic Rocky Mountains as a backdrop. The disc golf course has varied terrain making for a moderate physical challenge. The course now offers a challenge for beginners to advance players with recreation, advance and professional tee boxes. We recommend a light hiking or walking shoe. Dress for the season keeping in mind that Alberta weather can change rather quickly especially in the foothills.


I was looking for some way to get a hold of you, and this was the best I could find. My name is Brad Porter, and I'm a part of Flowtone Disc Golf Bags. We're starting something that we think is really important and will do some real good in the world, and we're trying to let people know about. I've been reading over your posts, and I thought there must be a way for us to work together and help each other out. I look forward to your response.
Brad Porter
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