Alma, CO

high country DG and friends are building an 18 hole course. Sounds like baskets are on the way but until then this affordable alternative has allowed them time to enjoy the layout. Very clear tonepole instructions and the modification makes it even better!

Just wanted to share a target design for those of us that can't afford a $200+ permanent basket. I actually found the blue print on this forum and made a slight mod...instead of bolting the lower part of the pvc to the pole, I left it loose and hung a chain on the inside of the pvc. When the pvc is struck, its loose enough (by removing the bottom bolt) to rattle the chain against the pole. Sounds just like the real thing....AND my putting game has improved because of the smaller target. This course is at roughly 11,000 ft...If your ever in Alma, CO - look me up for a tour!


Hard layout, only found 10, would love tour
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