Somewhere in Southwest Ohio

Ridgerunner posted this babe on a lightweight backpacking forum. Although I wouldn't advise hiking this one up Halfdome this summer I admire the simple design, materials list and of course the price ($15!?!) Pretty classic do-it-yourself model made mostly of found materials. Gotta love it!

Lately, I have been spicing up my local hiking by playing disc(frisbee) golf. It gives you a good upper and lower body workout. Many of the courses are at Parks and some are in the woods. It is free and gives you a good arobic workout. As much as I enjoy the added element to my hikes, I lack the accuracy that is desired for a low score. I thought a basket in the yard might allow me to get in some much needed practice. A good basket can cost $250 and those who know me, know that is not in my budget. After searching the internet and actually buying a set of plans that I was not that keen on, I came up with my own design. Total cost was less than $15, as much of my material was in house and the trash can was a giveaway promotion. The base was 29 cents at the thrift store and the post was an old chainlink fence rail that I had used unsuccessfully as a bird house pole. The biggest cost was the chains. They are dog chains from WallyWorld and cost $6 and change for 15 ft. and I used 2 chains.


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