Truckee, CA

CJSkier posted a brilliant variety on dgcoursereview!

I work at a ski resort and people abandon their old skis all the time. So I have well over 100 pairs of old straight skis. Its even screwed together with ski binding mounting screws. But yeah, chains didn't come off skis, lol.

It catches very well, uless you mange to get a disc threw the chains right where the square edge of the center post is. Then you get a little bounce back.

Still can't get used to the sound though, it misses that nice metal on metal "ching" sound.

Next up is a basket made out of snowboards boards, one out of all bike parts, one out of a wine barrel, and one made out of wood. My goal is a full 9 hole course by the end of summer. My house backs to Tahoe National Forrest land so my course has unlimited space, they will all be legit par 5's.

Sound or no sound, this is a genius use of old skis! This course will be one to watch.

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